Sunday, August 1, 2010

New library bag for my oldest daughter

When my daughter turned old enough to get her own library card (5), I told her I would make her a bag to carry library books in.  I also said I'd have a pocket to hold the library card.  Well, here it is.  I finally finished.  I have lots of excuses for not getting it done sooner!  ;)

The 2 main fabrics and the pink ric rac were all from Patsy Aiken Designs (I love that she sells her fabric!), and the fabric for the pocket was a $1 square of fabric from Walmart that just happened to coordinate well!

I sewed a gusset bottom, to hold lots of books.  It's quite big, she's probably going to have to grow into it.  But she loves reading lots of books, and she's a very girly girl, so naturally she loved this new bag!


  1. I love it Kelly! I need a boy bag for Collin to take to the library. He likes to pick out the biggest dinosaur books they have and it's always fun getting them to the car when they won't fit in our bag!

  2. Great job, Kelly! This is super cute!