Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer '11

The Red-Bellied Woodpecker (My backyard)
I know.  I've taken quite the hiatus from blogging, haven't I?  Here are some things I've done since strawberry picking and tart creating:

Making Strawberry Jam  ~ Family Time ~ Picking Blackberries
Making Blackberry Jam ~ Family Time ~ Freezing berries for year round
Photographing Birds in our Backyard ~ Dance Recital ~ Picnics in the Backyard
Tending to the Flowers ~ Family Time ~ Gardening
Baking Fresh Artisan Breads ~ Family Time ~ Helping Little Bike Riders
Blowing Bubbles and Drawing with Chalk ~ Family Time ~ Seeing old Friends
New Job ~ Family Time ~ Planning a Partial Bathroom Remodel
 Eating Ice Cream ~ Family Time
Putting the Girls into a Shared Room with Cool Bunk Beds
Watched my Girls Grow ~ Family Time ~ Celebrated with Friends
Fallen in Love with a New Locally Owned Restaurant ~ Family Time ~ Yoga
Power Walking ~ Family Time ~ Singing ~ Trying New Recipes
Running Crafts at VBS for 90+ K-5 kids ~ Family Time ~ Sleeping In on Saturdays
Reuniting with Family and Friends at Grandpa's Funeral ~ Family Time ~ Praying
Bringing Meals to Friends ~ Teaching my Girls How to Catch Fireflies
Reading 150 books to My Girls for the Library Summer Reading Program
Free Music At the Park complete with Picnics ~ Girls' Swimming Lessons
Buying More Organics and whole Foods ~ Family Time ~ Cooking

Recently I felt a tugging to come back to blogging.  So I'm planning to get back to it!  Hope you'll join me.

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