Friday, February 10, 2012

Piano and Sheet Music

My grandfather passed away last summer, but a few years ago, when they were downsizing, he and my grandmother decided to pass the piano on to future generations.  Grandpa was a magnificent piano player, you could tell he had played almost all of his life, and he loved to sit down and play.  His love for music became a legacy that lived on.  His two sons both became professional pianists and currently teach music in different capacities at the university level.

My kids are now opening up to playing, and I'm excited that they will have that opportunity.

The bench is FULL of sheet music, some dating back before The Great Depression.  A lot of it is show tunes, but there's certainly a variety.  I decided that I'd like to display it, but I also want to preserve it, since I'm not sure if it's of value.  So for now I've tied up a small stack of the music and placed it on the piano, until I figure out what to do with the rest.

What would you do with the sheet music?


  1. Well...I would sit down and play through it all...Most of it is probably not worth anything, so you might consider buying some nice frames and hanging it on the wall around your piano. You could also take a 5X7 photo of your grandfather and use a piece of the music as a mat and frame that.

  2. are you on pinterest? i bet there are some awesome ideas for displaying sheets music there. just a few quick ideas - you could get it bound into a book, or put it in a scrapbook, or get a bunch of 'em framed in a nice arrangement. what a lovely, meaningful hand-me-down you all received.

    1. I am on Pinterest, and have pinned several sheet music ideas. I'm just scared to choose the perfect piece to alter/display and then find out I've ruined something valuable! I'll probably take Rachel's word on this, but I'm definitely nervous to make any changes. Eeek!