Monday, November 23, 2009

Tree of Thanks

Sorry for the extended absence around here.  It's been one drama after another.  I wanted to share an idea that I did with the family this year during this season of Thanksgiving.  We sat down after dinner with tags and crayons, and wrote/drew what we are thankful for.  We put ribbons and twine on the tags so they could hang.  We did this last Thursday night.  We planned to hang them on Friday night, but one daughter ended up in the ER, and we had an action packed weekend after that!  So [tonight] we finally did finish hanging them on the 'tree' that is really a large branch that I stuck into my mum pot.

Since our youngest can't write or really draw, we let her scribble and then we wrote words for her, like milk and baths. 

I really enjoyed the activity, and our oldest got creative, too!  She wrote SUN on one and drew sunshine.  On another she wrote a happy face and a sad face.  She told me that she loves God whether she's happy or sad.  On another she wrote "Tom met Sam" as a way to represent her new love of reading books.  She has just learned to read.
YaYa (grandmother)

Ice Cream (yes he loves it that much!)

This is definitely an activity I'd like to turn into a tradition.  What Thanksgiving traditions do you have?

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