Friday, March 12, 2010

Every once in a while I come up with a brilliant idea, LOL

Most of my ideas are okay, I guess.  It's not very often I think up something brilliant, LOL.  This past Christmas I thought of an idea.  I wish I had more time to make it even more beautiful, but it was kind of in the ninth hour.  At least from the perspective that it was a few days before Christmas, lots of stuff going on, yada yada.

Our church has a Christmas Eve Candlelight worship service.  Sounds pretty typical.  This year seemed even more contemporary, which I love.  Our girls are young, but old enough that they would want to have something lit as well, but I can't give them fire, even if they promise to be safe.

So I ran to the candle cabinet, grabbed some fake tea lights, ran upstairs, grabbed a couple of chipboard coasters, some red ribbon, big glue dots, and a powerful hole puncher.

I put 2 holes in each chipboard coaster, try to imagine each coaster now looking like a giant button.  I had a couple of feet of red ribbon for each coaster, and pulled it through the holes.  I took 2 big glue dots to the sides of the fake tea lights and stuck it on top of the "button" over the small section of ribbon, not where the ribbon comes out - rather, where the ribbon went in.

When we got to church, our older daughter got the tea light tied to her wrist with a big red bow.  Her friend got one as well.  The two little ones, our younger daughter and her friend, got to hold just a fake tea light in their hands (they probably wouldn't have tolerated something tied to their arms).

I didn't get any pictures of the kids that night, but I will say that they LOVED this and felt so grown having candlelight in the big church.  That's what made this idea, well, brilliant!   Many people sitting nearby commented on how great the idea was.

Now.  If I had more time to prepare, I would have covered the chipboard with a pretty paper and some Mod Podge before doing any of the other steps.  I'm sure there's more I could also have done to beautify them.  Maybe next Christmas!

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