Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Camping Trip - Memorial Day Weekend 2012

We had a lovely Memorial Day weekend.  We started early, by loading up the car and heading to the American Heritage Girls Inaugural NC Camporee.  We camped out in Carthage, NC at Camp Durant.  It was a nice camp and the kids had fun.  My oldest daughter got to shoot BB's, make a paracord bracelet, and learned more about first aid.  We all had our share of hiking and roasted marshmallows.  It was nice to have some down time, away from everything.  I used my smartphone as a clock and nothing else, disconnected from the world.
One of the things I took pride in during the camping trip was the food.  I tried to keep it camp-like, but still  good and healthy.  Here was our menu:

Friday dinner: 
Grilled chicken (marinated in Italian dressing)
Brown Rice (the pre-cooked in a bag kind)
Black Beans
Mixed Veggies
The latter 3 were cooked together in 1 pot for ease.

Saturday Breakfast:
Scrambled Eggs
Apple Slices

Saturday Lunch:
PB&J on wheat
Carrot Sticks and Red Bell Pepper slices

(Saturday's dinner provided by the camporee staff consisted of hot dogs and chips.)

 Sunday Breakfast:
Pancakes with Pure Maple Syrup
Fresh Blueberries

Trail Mix

The food turned out great. The chicken and fresh fruits/veggies were all prepped in advance. We had more than enough room in the cooler for other things, and there was plenty of food to cover lunch on Sunday (more PB&J).  I also had in the cooler the Horizon milks that are individual-sized for both breakfasts.  We brought a separate water cooler and drank water and Nuun tablet drinks during lunches and dinners (we tried the pink lemonade, orange and fruit punch tablets).

Tip: You can keep pre-mixed pancake mix (ready to pour) in a cooler for several days.  I used the mix we keep on hand in the pantry, which has oatmeal, cinnamon, whole wheat flour, etc.  YUM!


  1. sounds like you had a fantastic time camping + i love reading about all the meals you cooked. i'm intrigued by the nuun tablets - i had never heard of them before now but i just looked them up + they sound like something i'd really like. i'm going to check my local health food store for them today or tomorrow - thanks!

    1. i just checked the store locator + apparently our local kroger (only about 5 minutes from our house) so i'm going to look there today!

    2. I got mine from Great Outdoor Provision Company. The flavors are subtle. I liked the citrus ones, my girls liked the fruit punch one the best. I heard the tea ones are good and contain caffeine, but haven't tried them.