Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Reorganizing your counters

Sometimes all it takes is moving a couple of things around to make you wonder why you never thought to do it before.  I moved my toaster oven to another counter to allow a larger workspace by the fridge, where I was also storing knives and cutting boards.  Now I can also fit my food processor when I need to get it out. I also have more space when I am packing lunches and doing other food prep.

Why did it take me almost 6 years to think of this?

We have a section in our kitchen with mini-cabinets (less depth) and a counter.  I store my food processor, stand mixer, blender and some cookbooks there.  They're at a comfortable level for picking up and moving to a workspace, but out of the way when I don't need them.

What are your counter-top organization tips?

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  1. I'm someone who likes as little stuff as possible out on the counter because we have a fairly small kitchen + i need all the counter space i can find for chopping/prepping, etc. last year, i moved the microwave about 2 feet to the right + it changed my life. ha! it really did open up so much more counter space. little things can make a big difference!