Thursday, June 4, 2009

Strawberries, and smoothies in the morning!

Who doesn't love strawberries? I love to pick them every year. I have a favorite farm that I love to go to, they have farm animals for the kids to look at, a fresh produce stand, and of course the best strawberries in the area. You can make so much stuff, and also hull some to freeze whole to enjoy year round. Just hull, wash, lay them out on parchment paper on a cookie sheet, and place in the freezer. Once frozen, put them in a freezer safe baggie.

The frozen ones are perfect for throwing into the blender for the perfect smoothie.

Easy Strawberry Banana Smoothie:
1 whole banana
1 cup (or more) frozen strawberries
1 cup skim milk

Blend together for a quick morning drink that will leave you (and the children) smiling.
*If you like, add a container of your favorite yogurt for a creamier texture.

If you have kids, take note: you know those kid's cups at the restaurants, the ones with the lid and straw hole? Take them home, stick them in the dishwasher. Buy a bag of straws, and they make the perfect smoothie cups, you can toss them if they leave the house, or rewash them and use them again if they stay at home!


  1. Too funny about the cups. I've used that idea for a while on the weekends I am babysitting, to make sure I have extra "sippy" cups at home! Like the new blog.

  2. your new blog is so cute!! I spent the afternoon enjoying your old one. Great smoothie recipie!