Saturday, August 29, 2009

In Remembrance...

This week our friends, Jeremy and Lindsay, lost their 4 month old son, Ayden Brooks Jones. You can read Lindsay's version of what happened, as well as get a glimpse of how wonderful, happy and adorable Ayden was while he was here in this world.

Our church had a celebration of life on Thursday. Lauren did an amazing job of photographing it, and you can see some of those images here. It was awesome to see the football players that Jeremy coached last year, as well as his new team this year. Standing room only with about 550 people in our church, love poured out for the family. A wonderful slideshow was on powerpoint during the service. It was certainly an emotional time for everyone. Jeremy and Lindsay did the eulogy, which was so amazing. It was difficult, but they did it.
I tried several times during the week to work on a card, but in the emotion of it, had too hard of a time. In the end, I was able to come up with this card. I know that they will find peace from the Lord, with time. I'm sure they will always have a special place in their heart for Ayden. And they will one day be with Ayden again, when they too go to see Jesus. It will be such a happy reunion, and I praise God for that!

Here is the inside of the card. Please pray for the Jones family, they have a long journey of healing ahead of them.

Take time to hug your family a few extra times this week.

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